Day 4 – We will never Four-get

How quickly time flies when we are having fun! We spent most of today on the road, but not before we had about two hours of R&R at a nearby mall, and our final Peranakan meal in Melaka ๐Ÿ™‚

We even had a sweet surprise for a couple of our classmates!

It’s been a memorable four days together! Thank you for joining us on our journey through our blog! For the final time, this is 2T1, signing off!

Day 3 in Melaka – A fruitful day

Today was a long day so we will allow the pictures to do the talking!

First up, the Melaka City Tour!

We visited historical sites and learnt about the history of Melaka as we explored the place.

The sky soon clouded over and a light drizzle fell, but we had gotten used to the erratic weather over the last two days and so, we carried on with our activities unperturbed.

After our tour, we went for lunch and then embarked on the amazing race challenge that many of us were curious and excited about. We were split into 4 groups and given a booklet to complete. We had to learn to navigate around tourist hotspots like Jonker Street and be extremely observant to complete the variety of tasks given in the booklet. This race was based on a point system, and the winning group would be the one who earned the most number of points. Until now, the teachers have not told us who has won! Trust them to leave us hanging like this! Well, I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out! For now, let us look at what the various groups were up to!

Though we were focussed on our mission, there was always time for the occasional fun shot!

Our end point was very nicely planned to be the Mamee Museum, where each of us had the opportunity to customise our own cup noodles!

Things then seemed to take a strange turn as we were brought to the Upside-down museum.

We then headed for dinner and went to the night market for a little rest and relaxation!

All in all, it was a very fun-filled day. We learnt a lot and were also very thankful that the weather cleared up as we ran about for our amazing race and shopping spree at the night market!

Day 2 – Second chances

The picture above may look ordinary, but it signifies a day well spent for all of us students on the second day of our Melaka trip. It was a day where we were given a second chance to be a blessing to a small community – one which comprised of people who had been given a second chance as well, a second chance at having a home, love and a family.

But, let us not skip the details of our journey today. We shall rewind the clock and give you a blow-by-blow account of what happened.

Rise and shine! The morning of Day 2 in Melaka began with a spread for for royalty!

Many of us went for second, third and for some, fourth helpings! As seen from the photographs, the number of plates on every table outnumbered the number of people seated around it! (Shoutout to @HattenHotel for their 5-star standard breakfast!)

Satisfied and energised, we headed off to Pusat Jagaan Kanak Kanak Harapan (an orphanage) for our Values-In-Action (VIA) Project. We were to entertain the children and decorate their home to make the environment more pleasant for them to stay in. We did our planning prior to the trip and on the night of Day 1, we submitted lists containing the logistics we needed to our instructors, who purchased them so that we could carry out our activities.

Armed with all that we needed, we headed off to our destination. When we arrived, the person-in-charge told us a little about the children there and their stories. The one that I am sure all of us would remember was about a five-month old baby boy, Aaron.

He was abandoned at this home by his parents right after he was born! Some of us were shocked, some were upset and some just felt pity for this baby boy. As we went about our day, the story of Aaron and the other children made us think more deeply about our views of home, love and family.

After the briefing, we went about our day and executed our plans to beautify the orphanage.

Even though the next activity shown in the pictures below was not in the plan, some of us willingly rose up to the occasion and helped to clear some rubbish and bulky items that were blocking one of the walkways in the orphanage.

We carried out our responsibilities well, much to the delight of our teachers and facilitators.

Unfortunately, we faced some difficulties which threw us off schedule. We were supposed to have finished our murals by lunchtime before the children returned from school, but we were running late. Still, we went off for lunch and came back with a new game plan for a second shot at being a blessing to the people in this orphanage. We slit ourselves into three groups as seen in the first picture below this paragraph. While some of us got back to work on the murals, the others entertained the children who had returned from school.

Finally, we were done and could all give our full attention to the children!

We had a ball of a time!

After all that hard work, we went for a good dinner and had our debrief.

Looking back, we were thankful that we cherished the second chance we had to complete the objective we set out to achieve, and managed to do a good job to bless the orphans and their caretakers.

It was a tiring but fulfilling day which left us with much food for thought. Along with our dinners, we will take some time to digest all that we had seen and experienced today, and learn the lessons we can learn from this experience. For now, we are going to rest up for an exciting activity all of us have been anticipating – the amazing race at Jonker Street, a well-known tourist site in Melaka! Until tomorrow, good night! This is 2T1, signing off! LIGHTS OUT!

Day 1 in Melaka – a day of many โ€œfirstsโ€!

After an estimated 4-hour drive and several pit stops for breakfast, snacks and the all-important toilet breaks,

We finally arrived at our very first destination!

After a satisfying lunch, we went for several activities that were new to many of our students!

This was the first time that many had a hand at batik painting;

the first time that many made ondeh-ondeh; wove baskets,

and made Ketupat!

As predicted by the weather forecast, it began to rain. But no wet weather could put a dampener on the student’s high spirits as they went to try ‘gasing’, top-spinning.

Even their Form Teacher and instructors joined in the fun, much to the delight of the students!

Students also had the opportunity to design their own terompah (clogs)!

After a long day of activities, the students went for a sumptuous dinner at a Peranakan restaurant, where they were pleasantly surprised with an after-dinner performance. The students were good sports and spontaneously joined in when the performers called for volunteers to join in the fun.

It was particularly heart-warming for the teachers to see the students caring for each other through the day in all the activities!

One of the students, Eric, took care to ensure that his classmate, Si Wei, had a good view of the demonstration during the Ondeh-Ondeh making.

The boys – Watipon, Shafiq, Shawn and many more, instinctively let each other go first as they took turns to have a go at top-spinning.

We even managed to catch the kids in the act of caring for one another, sharing their jackets and umbrellas as we boarded the bus under a light drizzle after dinner.

Finally, the day drew to a close with our nightly debrief.


Stay tuned for more updates on the second day of our overseas learning trip two-morrow!


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